International Poultry Welfare Alliance

Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Membership Benefits

As a member of IPWA, each member benefits from:

  • COMMUNITY - opportunity to network with other leaders from around the world who share a passion for advancing poultry welfare
  • KNOWLEDGE - access to IPWA’s resource library, P-WIN, with information about global poultry production management, welfare standards, scientific reviews & practical training modules
  • AWARENESS - learn about global poultry welfare trends, initiatives, and production practices via welfare-related conferences, committees, member meetings and newsletters
  • INNOVATION - connection with leading poultry welfare scientists and opportunity to learn about research updates and member initiatives to improve welfare
  • COLLABORATION - participation in IPWA committees and actions that result in tangible benefits for stakeholders in the poultry value chain
  • STEWARDSHIP - partner with other leaders to evaluate welfare in synergy with sustainability so outcomes are ethically, economically & environmentally sound
  • DIALOGUE - alliance with stakeholders from the poultry value chain who may have different perspectives but genuinely want to advance poultry welfare

IPWA Membership Categories

Members come from across the global poultry value chain and share the vision, mission, and objectives of IPWA. The five constituency groups represent stakeholders within the poultry value chain from farm to fork and stakeholders who are committed to sustainable poultry production and advancing poultry welfare.
Live production picture

Live Production
Individual farmers and organizations (producers, processors and breeders) who are actively involved in the ownership and/or management of commercial live poultry, including genetics companies, producers and processors of turkeys, broilers, ducks, and eggs into saleable product.

Membership retail picture

Organizations who bring poultry and poultry-related products to the end consumer.

Membership supplier picture

Organizations who are actively involved in supplying commercial poultry production with products or services.

Membership research picture

Individuals and organizations involved in research and knowledge development and dissemination on poultry production/ products and welfare in the widest sense.

Membership association picture

Civil Society and Associations
Non-government and non-commercial institutions, foundations, associations and organizations whose members have an interest in poultry welfare. Lobbying and non-lobbying industry organizations whose members are actively involved in the production, processing, promotion and/or commercialization of poultry products for consumption are also included in this category.